for applying adhesives and sealants

We are a direct manufacturer of application technology, including individual application units such as piston pumps, gear pumps, piston dispensers, application guns and many others. At the same time, we produce complete electrical control including software, visualization, robot programming, camera and measurement systems.


Application technologies are intended for various types of one-component and two-component adhesives, sealants, pastes and lubricants. The most common applied materials are, for example, polyurethanes, silicones, epoxies, acrylics and many others.

As we are a direct manufacturer of application technology, all devices are designed according to the individual requirements and needs of the end customer.


1K, 2K applications

Different types of application guns and nozzles for a given appearance of applied “caterpillar”

Precise piston dispensers

Precise dosing gear pumps

Different flow rates of materials

Heated or unheated design

Nozzle cleaning with air or wire

Checking the applied caterpillar using a 3D scanner or a camera system

Control software, process visualization, data collection